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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

_♥Rifah : Me? (O_O) ??

Izzah darling~ im so sorry~ i didn't mean kan tinggalkan izzah tadi~ i didnt know you were there ='( i tot you already home dear~ =s Izzah,im sorry k?~ really,i didnt mean to do that~ ='( btw izzah,am i quiet this lately?? yakan? i didnt know that. =s why aa? bukan plg izzah surang saja yg ckp catu,yg lain ada jua lah 2 3 org ckp,that im not like before. =s bowhh. err zah,jgn takut2 tgur bahh,napa plg kan tkut ee?

Biah~ are you okay now? =D tadi kami nda kna soal. your dad nda dtg kah? btw,economics,ada paper atu,ada gambar mu ;D eheh. tommorow school? if awu,esuk lyat tu paper aa.

err. think ani sja kan ku buat. blank sudah. homeworks lagi~ tired ku eyh. mau rehat~ haihh


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