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Saturday, 14 February 2009

2days now )x

Huh~ its not 2 days but its almost 2days~ i havent sleep yet. keep on playing monopoly with my bros and doing my homeworkss.. then tadi menghafal irk. Fuhh~ satu pun nda masuk ke otak. Need to do something fun to prevent this eye from closing. my geo homeworks tinggal di skulah. terpaksa tah buat lapas balik skulah ne. too stress. nanti tah suruh my dad buat surat cuti a week eh. ehehe. brilliant brilliant. oh shhhh~

ok got to go now. Its almost 4.40.. got some project to do. hehe. SKATE! chill out and let it free like a bird. *Apakaaan~ haha*


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