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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

to azah..

azah darling,
we'll always be here for you. no matter what happen. i miss that smile, yg tiap msa ko bagi atuu.. time ko sad, damam, happy... i miss it azah. i know its hard for you azah tapi.. you should never give up ok.. i know you're a strong girl. and you know we love you azah.. we always will. tadi azah, aku kecarian that gorgeous smile on that cute face of yours. aku kata arah qilah, mcm dull trus kelas aa tnpa ur laugh and ur voice azah.. azah, be strong ok.. we're here for you..
us. (mai, rifah, fazera, biah, qilah, izzy, azee).

i love you azah. :)


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