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Thursday, 28 May 2009

geography lesson..

td bnar2 jarang terjadi dlm class~ which dgn miss marie g heheh..kmi ne kna soal bh sorg2,,psal fishing industry laa..skali ada soalan ane kaan~ tcr tnya si izzat naj..x si izzat tu jwap ice bh hahah..then tcr tnya g ice apa kaan dh tu tcr tnya:
puan: girls tau?
girls: *angguk2 dgn cnfidentnya* hahah
puan: bh ice apa?
qel & faz: ice box *dgn cnfidentnyaa~* hahah
others: *ktawa* hahaha :P
puan:bh apaaa?
rifah & mai: freezer kh? hahah
puan: bukaan~ tmpat nyimpan ice waa
azaah: ice factory
puan: ahhh~ ice factory..
hahahah! kmu brada dlm class tu cnfirm ktawa hahah betul~ tak tipu~ hahah :P


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