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Saturday, 2 May 2009

30th April 2009. =)

Thursday, 30th April 2009

I'd call it, "HONEST DAY!"

That last day of April had been one of 5B girls important days. Well, maybe lah. But for me, *miaa* yes yes, it was, is.... whatever lah. Anyway, what's been happening?

Well okay, lately, 5b girls have a kind of big mishap happening around us, and it was due to one of us. Not that we accused her being the center of the mishap, the one who's fullon guilty. But then it's started from it then the mishap was growing and growing again till 30th of April, the climax lah kirakan macam itu. I'd say, this things and problem started from 6th March, or maybe 5th March, Myyyyy birthday, but then, cannot do anything. when Allah wanted it to happen, then it'll happen all the way. :D So, hari Khamis tu, I started the Muqaddimah.. Alhamdulillah, i managed things. And then Azee continued it, then going on to Maii. =) Dear one, we all love you.. if we don't have our love for you, for godsaken, we'll ignore you till now. We wouldn't care a little bout you. But since we love you, and we're all been together for such a long time now *i consider it* then we did this. We don't want this problem continue and growing till the end of the year.. We'll be facing our big exam, our O'LEVEL exam, but with this problem? I'm sure nanti, semua complain... "IM STREESSSSSSSSSSS,~" something like that, kan kan? So .. alhamdulillah, tani semua honest that day. Semua terbuka, semua promise not to close anything from each other anymore, and semua promise tuk menerima apa apa saja teguran dari every each of us. :) Okay?

Well, to you my dear one, i'll hope you change some of your attitude dear..Not for us..bukan bukan.. you change it for your self, ikhlas to Allah.. this is tuk kebaikan you jua.. =) By time later, you'll be realizing this thing. Memang, it's hard to get the realization this early days, we're young and innocent, yet so many things had been done when we didn't want it our self, because memang true, always menyesal terlebih dahulu.. :') tapi tani sadar pun akhir2... which is too late to do anythign really. :] If you don't wanna change or at least try to.. it's your own decision sudah, i dont mind, we don't mind. we don't have the right to control your self, it's you and your own thinking. :)

When time's coming forward to our future later, we'll know this is our best moment, never forgotten. Ada hikmahnya kitani cemani ni kan? :D Anyway MIA just want to say, MIA LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you so much for giving me the best memories last year and this year, INSYA ALLAH. our last year must be full within memories. :D I love you semuaaa. 5B! :D

P/s: Sorry daleng daleng ku sekalian, i was only taking a picture of me and Azah that day, uhu... :) Promise to do more later :D hehe.


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