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Thursday, 23 April 2009

photography session (:

5b the BEST!!
third row from left to right: saiful,aji,sabri,zainul,ijat,afin
middle row from left to right: baz,manan,izat,mamduh,jamil,azizi,iqbal
front row from left to right: izzymia,azastacia,qelle,maii,fazz,biah,rifah,azee
behind the scene hahah (:
before the session started (: the girls asked teacher to capture our pict,,then he took one,we didnt notice (:
actually our form tcr is not here in Brunei..she is at S' we have to make like this pict..kta cgu tuu ya kn edit ja mun dapat heheh (:once agen!!~we look very cute here (:taraaaa~~~!
the freestyle look (:

freestyle from form 5b was awesome!!! hahaha! JGN JELES (:


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