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Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Rifah was so baik hati when the school reopen,which she gave us(mai,qel,faz&&biah) each of us a rose (: it was sweet moment~ hahah..inside the roses are rings..we just took it at first which dunnoe ada ring dalamnyaa..skalinyaa~ dh bukaa~
mai dpt GREEN ring,qel dpt PURPLE ring,faz dpt BLUE ring n biah dpt WHITE ring..
rifah oso adaa heheh wrna PURPLISH BLUE...rifah,mai ngan faz sma jenis,,which have arrow rh ring tuu,,whereas qel ma biah satu jenis just Heart shape heheh..maybe this is our friendship's rings..jgn ilang!! hahah

pictures: RIFAH
post: MAI


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